Book Review: Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse

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Book Review: Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse

Title: Rockoholic
Author: C.J. Skuse
Release Date: November 1, 2012
Publisher: Scholastic Press

Summary from Goodreads:

She's got it bad, and he ain't good—he's in her garage?

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me..."

Gonna have to face it: Jody's addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she's front and center at his sold-out concert. But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she's got more than a mild concussion to deal with. By the next morning, the strung-out rock star is coming down in her garage. Jody—oops—kind of kidnapped him. By accident. With a Curly Wurly candy bar. And now he doesn't want to leave.

It's a rock-star abduction worthy of an MTV reality series...but who got punk'd?

Jody is obsessed.

She’s spent years dreaming of the moment when the lead singer of her favorite band, Jackson Gatlin, will realize that he’s in love with her. She’s been counting on the moment, even though her best friend, Mac, (who may or may not be gay), thinks she’s being ridiculous. But who cares? She has tickets to see Jackson’s show! Of course, things don’t go according to plan, and Jody ends up accidentally “kidnapping” Jackson, much to Mac’s horror and Jody’s delight.

I have never, in my life, read a book or thought it was possible to write a book about kidnapping someone via candy bar. That basic premise, while seemingly unlikely, is just so hilarious and over the top that it works. And what comes after the kidnapping was completely different from what I’d expected.

Rochoholic, despite its cutesy, girl-obsessed-with-superstar exterior, is a book with a lot of heart. I’ll admit that I was completely blown away by how C.J. Skuse handled the topic.

Jody, the main character, starts off as a celebrity-stalker girl, who’s so ridiculous in her obssession that you can’t help but roll your eyes and know change is a-comin’. And it did, because it turns out that the awesome Jackson is a paranoid drug-dependent mess—hardly a teen girl’s idea of romantic.

So Jody’s struggling with the downfall of her idol, and learning how to be herself, all while juggling her job, her best friend, and suspicious reporters who want to know where Jackson went, if he’s dead or not. Jody’s growth as a person from beginning to end of the novel is huge, and as she comes into her own, I couldn’t help cheering her on.

Rockoholic is actually a lot more serious than I would have thought possible, and I loved Skuse’s portrayal of her characters and how they interact with one another. And while, yes, it is possible that this book’s basic premise is a bit silly and clichéd, I thought it was genuine and real at the same time.

My biggest complaint is the typical DPS—even a book as awesome as Rockholic is not immune! Jody’s mum is mostly absent from the picture, and she’s completely oblivious to the fact that a 27 year-old American superstar is living in her garage, and has been doing so for about 2 weeks. Once again: why do authors chose plots that, in order to work, require the parent’s completely idiocy? It gives parents a bad name.

But, like I said, Rockoholic is an awesome book. Jody’s character is amazing, Mac, Jackson, and Cree were fantastic supporting characters, and the story, overall is sweet and touching and cuddly. I loved this book.

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