Make Me Read It

Make Me Read It is a feature on Respiring Thoughts were YOU (yes, you) get to choose what I (Renae) read and review! So if you ever were curious about a book or just want to make me read your favorites, here’s how you make it happen!

This is NOT a place for authors or publicists to submit their own books for review. Please view my Review Request Policy.

How it works:

At the bottom of this page I’ve inserted a Google form where you can fill out information about the book. You can enter as many books as you like, too (but not, like…a hundred).

What I’ll Read: As everyone knows, I read basically everything. MG or YA or adult are all fine, and I like all genres, though I’m not wild about certain paranormally-type books. I REALLY like books with a strong female protagonist, a focus on friendship and/or family, cute dogs who don’t die, or any combination thereof. I also like books that are reallydifferent or unique.

Bonus: I will also, if prevailed upon, read a book that you think I’m going to hate and then provide maximum snarkiness in a review. If snark is your thing. I do retain all veto rights, of course.

And if there’s some book already on my to-read you want me to read pronto, that’s cool also.

What I Won’t Read: Nothing by gross authors like Anne Rice or Kathleen Hale, please. I also am not really into BDSM, though copious amounts of vanilla sex is A-okay with me. Also probably no literary fiction by cishet white dudes about cishet white dudes; I ain’t got time for that. (There can be exceptions to that last one. Sometimes.)

ALSO: Series. I have many thoughts about series. You can absolutely recommend me a book in a series, but if it’s a 6-installment series and only the first book is published…I’m going to think long and hard about reading it. (Unless it’s a companion series or a romance series where the books aren’t direct sequels.)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I might not like the book you recommend. It is very possible. I wantto like all the books, but I have strange and unpredictable tastes. Like I said, I retain the right to veto a book I absolutely have no interest in, but the point of this feature is to broaden horizons and discover new reads, so I don’t see myself vetoing a lot of things.

But like I said, this whole thing is pretty simple!

Google form: